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kimberly page vs madusa one sided catfight

American Idol vs Megaton: Superheroine catfight

something i threw together between comissions over the last few months. thought it would be fun to write a superheroine catfight. hope to do more some time, and open to suggestions and criticism

“And what exactly is the problem now, Powers?”
Lana Powers fidgeted awkwardly under the gaze of her gym coach. She was a stereotype in and of herself, a highschooler with messy, dark brown hair that got in her face. Her bangs were only kept at bay from poking herself in the eyes by the black-rimmed glasses she wore, and her skin was a shade that suggested she had some unknown, darker minority lurking several generations in her past. She wore jeans and old sneakers, and a baggy red hoodie she kept on constantly these past few months. 
“I just… don’t need to take off my hoodie, that’s all,” she muttered meekly in reply, shuffling her sneakers on the gym floor as the other girls watched in amusement. Everyone else wore the standard gym uniform, shorts and jersey-like tops or tees, making her stand out all the more.
“Nobody else seems to have a problem with the uniform, Powers. What exactly makes you so very special?” the coach persisted.
“Well,” Lana said with a perky tilt of her head. “I had a weird run in with my science teacher a few months ago. See, we were messing around with his research project, which I THOUGHT was just in developing new ideas for an electric car or something, but found out way later it was for weaponizing some energy source he’d invented. He sprung the idea of testing it on me, but you know, not in the bad way where he just shoots me with it, but stuck these gloves on me… no, gauntlets, I guess. But yea, he sticks em on and they strap onto me, giving me superhuman powers like punching shit, only they don’t really come off. So it was ok to wear this through health class, but if it’s ok with you, teach, I’d rather leave my super identity a secret, okay?”

Then she stopped daydreaming. “I um… I have a weird birth mark there…” she mumbled to her teacher, avoiding eye contact. Powers or not, she was a pretty crappy liar. It was her status as already being a freak at school that kept this from sticking out too badly.  She was unpopular, didn’t like wearing popular or trashy clothes (they were usually one and the same), and kept to herself. She wasn’t even one of the science geeks, just above average intelligence and needed the extra credit from her science professor. If she were smarter, maybe she could help him figure out how to get the power gauntlets off, or come up with a better way to hide them. 
“And I’m not special or anything, it’s just…. I don’t think that it’s important that everyone dress up for gym, is all.”
The gym coach kept up her sour expression and looked ready to give her a final warning to when a booming came from the distance outside, and the ground rumbled beneath their feet, a minor earthquake that caused everyone to have to reclaim their footing. “What in the red white and blue hell?” grumbled the coach before there was a loud crash, the wall of the far side of the gym suddenly gaining a large hole in it as a tall figure barged through it.
The woman lifted her head and shook her body like a dog, shedding the leftover dust and rubble that clung to her largely bared body. She stood comfortably over six and a half feet tall, a no part of her even allowing the thought that she showed any sign of weakness. Sharp green eyes, a firm jawline, black hair straight (if not a bit dirty) just above her shoulders, broad shoulders, a full and outthrust chest, hard flat abs, thick sturdy legs, a skimpy black outfit that showed off a farmer’s tan. Nothing on earth would whole-heartedly want to fuck with this woman. There would, of course, be those who would want to just plain fuck her, but the handful who could survive it would be lured in by the cleavage- baring, thigh-hugging black leather outfit that seemed so popular with heroines and villainesses alike.
The woman grinned, her face marked with a small, seemingly useless streak of chamoflauge on each cheek, and a headband wrapped around her forehead, another around the bulging bicep of the arm that held the large duffel back. People gaped on, most unnoticing of the bag itself being partly open, a large wads of bills inside.
“SO sorry, little ladies,” she chimed casually. “You know how police can get. They’re squishy and fragile and all, but annoying enough that you might as well avoid em, and this was the only shortcut to the ol’ base I knew about. I’m sure you understand.”

“Fucking Megaton,” Lara hissed under her breath in the locker room, slipping away while everyone else was distracted. She ditched her hoodie and went to work with the supplies from her backpack. “She has a figure that can pull off that kind of slut suit. And a body that doesn’t have a way too identifiable scar from falling off her tricycle as a kid…”
Lara threw on her makeshift hero disguise. She decided early on a traditional superhero outfit wouldn’t be very practical to drag around, so she’d made do with using her own unpopularity to her advantage. She’d swiped a spare cheerleader outfit some time ago and tailored it a bit to be less recognizable. She slid on the red and blue low-cut top and short skirt, a pair of thick boots (practical ones, not those hooker boots), and tied up her hair behind her in a cute set of ponytail. She put a bit of pink lipstick over her full lips and a very brief, quick application of makeup. She adjusted her top to make sure the push-up bra was in place, and that the diamond shaped hole was perfectly placed to expose as much of her breasts (namely cleavage and sideboob) as seemed casually legal.
And there! She was disguised! American Idol was her tentative name in the news, but it wasn’t something she was in love with. Just couldn’t come up with anything better. But her alter ego was working wonderfully. Nobody noticed the dorky girl in the hoody, so the slutted up cheerleader with the eye-drawing rack would be her polar opposite, like in those teen movies where the nerd gets a makeover. Then she has to infiltrate a frat and learns about herself or something. She didn’t watch a lot of those… but either way, if the disguise didn’t get them to avoid putting two and two together, the “over here!” tits window would keep them from studying her face too closely.

But Megaton… she was big leagues. Lara had beaten up plenty of thugs and muggers, and she knew there were mutants and wizards and aliens out there with actual powers. She even tangled with a few of them, but tried to keep her crime fighting fairly mundane leveled. Megaton was a majorly powerful bitch, apparently a former military trainee who had been hit with some experimental bomb. The radiation or whatever was involved gave her exponential growth in her strength and size (everywhere, it seemed, based on her DDD cup rack), but had also done odd things with her hormones and brain waves. In short, she was a normal, very strong woman, but now and then her mind and body would shift into a semi-primal state of rage, greed and ferocity, a vicious alpha female who raged and did whatever she wanted until some hero or massive military force put her down.

“And lucky me, I get to play ‘massive military force’ today…” She sighed. If she did come out on top, it would be good for her popularity. It might also bring down a new arch enemy, as these things tend to do, but… she couldn’t just ignore it.
Megaton held a pair of screaming girls up by the hair, grinning proudly to them. “Well, not a total loss. I did pick up a pair of sexy little hostages in the process.”
Megaton barely registered the feeling, pausing before looking at her feet. A dodgeball. She turned and looked up the bleachers, where small-time hero the American Idol stood, tossing another dodgeball up and down in her hand.
“Sorry, tons of fun. That means you’re out,” Powers said proud and loud (another reason she wasn’t recognizable). “So why not sit on the sidelines until the police comes to take you home?”
Megaton laughed at her, dropping one of the girls and cracking her knuckles with one hand. “Oh, you should have killed me with that free shot, not made a fucking pun.” She reared back her hand and whipped the remaining blond hostage at AI, flying screaming through the air.
“It wasn’t so much a pun as a rhetorik, I guess OHFUCKINGHELL!” Powers panicked and threw up her gauntleted mitts, grabbing annoying gossip bitch Becky Winters out of the air. She looked dizzy when Powers set her back down, maybe short an inch or so of hair, but alright.
“Oh wow… you just saved me…” Becky muttered, looking in surprise at AI… and was she blushing.
“Lez out later, promise,” AI insisted with a frown, turning back just as Megaton was barreling up the bleaches, smashing each seat beneath her feet as she went.
“Ok, big guns time is now!” Powers thought, he gauntlets glowing a bright green within its various tubing and fortified glass. She clenched her fists and clapped her arms together, giving off a violent subatomic shockwave that blasted out as a green laser beam into Megaton, hurling her back across the entire gym and through the wall. 

“Oh please, let this be a short anti-climax,” American Idol whispered under her breath as the rubble fell over the hole in the wall. Her bracers blinked their green light, indicating it would be able to uphold the thin barriers that would provide her super strength and protection, but her trump card (the power beams) would be out of the game for a while until its mini-generators repopulated it with quasi-matter… or something. Again, she didn’t actually make them…

“I’m gonna hang your naked ass up a flagpole for that!!!” raged the voice on the other side of the wall.
“Nope, that’s not melodramatic enough,” Powers sighed, hopping down from the bleachers in one go. She had to distance herself from the crowd of other teens before they got hurt or started asking questions. She hopped out of the hole in the wall, looking around for the propelled villain… and finding nothing.
Megaton had leapt up to the roof, now hurling herself and swinging a beachball-sized hunk of concrete at the heroine’s head. The improvised weapon shattered into debris against American Idol’s head, knocking the teenager to the pavement with a loud grunt, which was in turn drowned out by the smashing stone. The barriers made by the gauntlets saved her from dying on the spot, but still stung as it acted more like a genuine suit of armor than invincibility. A blow to the helmet won’t crack your skull open, but it will still leave your head rattling around plenty.
She was downed and groaning, holding her head when Megaton stooped down, grabbing her by the hair Powers cried out in pain, lifted clean off her feet by the powerhouse villainess as she shook her, body flopping like a rag doll as she tried to hold her scalp to reduce the pain.
“No more laser suckerpunches out of you, super tart” she growled, winding up and hurling Powers several blocks through the air. By the time she opened her eyes felt the wind in her hair and was sailing over the rooftops, and shortly thereafter she felt herself landing roughly on a rooftop to a skyscraper and bouncing a few times before stopping, wind knocked out of her and her ribs and scalp sore, but long run… probably ok.

Powers boosted herself up to all fours, huffing some air back into her lungs but hearing more smashing distant below. She leaned over the edge, seeing Megaton stalking her up the wall, fists and fingers slamming handholds into the wall as her muscled arms hauled her up after her. It was a good 10 stories down, high up but at least Megaton had some work to get to her.
“Dammit,” she groaned, but at least she was focused on fighting her rather than some squishier normal person. “Gotta think fast.” Powers browsed over her assortment of super powers, but decided to stick with a classic maneuver. As Megaton’s head came into view, Powers was standing there waiting with a leg drawn back, kicing to launch dust and dirt into her eyes.
“I’ll take an antihero point for that one, if it means keeping my head” she excused in the back of her mind. Megaton gave a sharp cry and clutched her face, leaving her blind as Powers leapt up and performed a spin kick to slam her in the face. A chunk of the rooftop cracked and gave way under her strong strong grip as Megaton tilted back a bit. Powers went for another, but this time Megaton caught her by the foot as it hit her in the chest, falling back up taking her with her off the roof.
The two fell down towards the streets,Megaton blinded and swinging long, hard blows at her. Powers took a few to the chest and jaw, bouncing her head and tits around, but dodged the worst of the unaimed shots. Powers grabbed Megaton by the hair, swinging a fist rapidly into her face adn trying to mount herself on top of her to keep her aimed at the ground, so she would hit it full blast.
There was indeed a massive crash as over 200 lbs of muscle smashed into the pavement from 10 stories up. And that was not counting Powers. It was  a combination of the sound of flesh colliding and a cracking of pavement, leaving a crater about 4 feet deep at its center and easily 12 feet wide. The impact hurled Powers off of her foe, bouncing wildly away, but Megaton’s loud groaning clearly showing she took the brunt of the impact. 
Powers shook out her head, laughing a bit as the adrenaline still rushed in her from the freefalling brawl. “Ha! Had enough, big guy?” she huffed, standing up but having to lean on the wall after a second whens he got dizzy.
“Urghh… gonna milk those super tits dry when I get my hands on you,” Megaton groaned, starting to stand up slowly, leaning on her knee.
“Ok, no time to rest after all,” Powers sighed, rushing at her and leaping to deliver a crushing blow across the face. Megaton’s head bucked, but barely bruised let alone bleeding for all the beating she’d taken. Blasted through two walls and dropped off a roof, and the muscle bitch still looked good.
Megaton was knocked back to rest on one arm, but grabbed Powers around the neck with one massive hand. She lifted her up and slammed her head by it repeatedly into the pavement. Her nose crashed rapidly into the hard ground, cracking it with her face in spreading fractures. Her face itself remained largely in tact, if not dirtied, but the pain still shot through her teen tender face plenty.
“DIRTY! CHEATING! TRAMP!” Megaton snarled at her, hurling her to the ground like a frustrated ape. She raised a boot to stomp on her head, but Powers rolled aside by instinct when the attack let up. Megaton’s boot damaged the pavement in the alleyway further, Powers lashing up and grabbing hold of her opponent’s hair. She swung it hard into the nearest wall, Megaton’s head slamming through the brick. She wound up to slam her head down again, but Megaton’s thick arm reached out around her shoulder, grabbing and smashing Powers’ head through the wall after her. She was almost face to face with the villainess again, apparently their necks and up inside someone’s kitchen as a random housewife nearby screamed. 
Megaton snarled and slammed her head forward again, and Powers felt no hard impact of steel or concrete this time, but a swelling sensation at her head. She realized she was submerged in the kitchen sink, as well as the fact that the kinetic barriers of the gauntlets didn’t do much for drowning. She gurgled and struggled, spitting out bubbles under the water and clawing at Megaton’s iron grip.
Realizing that wasn’t getting her much of anywhere, Megaton still grinning madly down at her, Powers leaned into her dunking, grabbing the hole in the wall she was pressed through and shooting a kick into Megaton’s knee and making her lose her footing.
Powers spent a moment rising to gasp for air when Megaton grabbed at her aching knee joint, then turned and grabbed the edges of the kitchen sink, ripping up the sink and its entire counter space before turning and swinging it as a crude club, smashing Megaton across the face and sending her tumbling through the alley and into the streets. Civilians and cars sped and swerved away from the action, Powers catching her breath a moment before rushing after her, wet hair whipping behind her.

Megaton was rising dazed from the streets when Powers came sprinting after her. She leapt up and braced a foot on the overgrown she-beast’s thigh and a knee on her breasts, supported by the villain’s bulk as she started to swing away with a barrage of punches to the face. Megaton’s head whipped back and forth. There were no bruises or blood showing on her inpenetrable skin, but the winces and grunts of pain told Powers her amplified bombardment was doing a number on her all the same.
Megaton reached up when she got used to the shocks of pain, throwing up her arms to grab Powers by the shoulders. She yanked on her arms, pulling straight out to stretch the limbs outward.
“If I can’t beat you to shit, I’ll tear you to pieces!” fumed the villainess, pupils changing visibly changing size as her chemical-ridden brain was going more and more berserk as the possibility of loss entered the recesses of her mind. Powers screamed out as her arms felt ready to come out of her sockets, thrashing and writhing a bit to try and dislodge herself. When that failed, she thought fast and swung her legs up, using Megaton’s grip like parallel bars to hook her thighs around Megaton’s neck. She twisted and flung Megaton off balance, tumbling into a truck and banging her head on the door.
Powers rushed after her while she was leaned up against the truck, dragging herself up by it. That was how it appeared, at the time, she’d tell herself. Really, Megaton wasn’t grabbing support, but a weapon. She let out a giant snarl and swung her hips, digging her fingers into the tanker truck and smashing Powers across the face with it. It shattered at the impact, hurling Powers away and utterly soaked.
The stink gave it away quickly. “A beer truck,” she groaned in her dazed and battered brain as she laid out on the sidewalk sticky and wet. “Wait til I have to explain this to mom…” She barely got a hand on the pavement to push herself up when Megaton was already back on her, discarding the remains of the vehicle. When she stood up on shaky legs, there was a sound of tearing wood. She looked up to see Megaton wielding an entire telephone poll, swinging it like a club to smash Powers cross the face. Spit flew from her mouth, stumbling to one side awkwardly. She struck again, thrusting it forward to ram Powers in the belly. She huffed and doubled up, wet ass sticking out under her skirt. Worse still, her legs spread out to let her balance in this awkward stance, and Megaton lowered her giant weapon before swinging it upward. Powers’ eyes went wide and her mouth hung open in a pathetically silent squeak, choking as the telephone pole swung like a rising hammer into her teen pussy.
She fell to the ground paralyzed in pain as Megaton threw her weapon aside and stood over her, raising a booted foot and smashing it down onto Powers’ guts before one more between Powers’ legs for good measure.
A high shriek left the heroine as she spasmed under her pussy stomp, Megaton’s teeth bared in a wild grin. “That’s what I like to hear! Scream, blondy! Tell me how much it hurts!”  She grinded her heel into her, Powers fearing even her barrier wouldn’t hold up to stop her pelvis from being crushed between her foot and the sidewalk. Powers threw desperate kicked up at Megaton’s thighs and legs, even landing a pussy shot of her own in her desperation, but adrenaline and super skin let her grin and bear it, even as it stung Megaton’s own tenderized body as her powers seemed near their own limits.
“See? Not all of us are such lightweights. Now let’s see if I can’t pop that little hero cherry of yours… and the REST of you while I’m at it!!” Megaton raised her boot for another curb stomp that would turn any other human into an indistinguishable blood stain. Powers felt her life flash before her eyes, mind racing between prayers, tactics, and regrets in wardrobe as her skirt and soaked panties did not allow much for fans to imagine.
But a few panicking brain cells collided. Her cunt could be hurt even under the barrier when it was hit hard enough. She couldn’t hit with enough power to match Megaton’s raw power or endurance, but…
She didn’t have time to check the meter on her gauntlets, just throwing up an arm and grabbing hold of Megaton’s crotch. The villainess hesitated a split second before trying to continue, only for the gloves to glow and give a freshly recharged explosion of kinetic energy. The last blast to the pussy had Megaton howl in pain just before flying backward and through an entire office building before landing on the ground, holding her smoking crotch that was seared down to her underwear. Powers distantly wondered what it was about super underwear that never burned or blew off, but she ignored it for now as she limped after her.
Megaton still squirmed and groaned, rubbing her burned and aching thighs and cringing weakly. She felt her hair pulled, yanking her into a sitting position so Powers could kneel behind her and wrap an arm around her throat. “Can suck up all the bullets you want, chunky,” she huffed, arching her back to pull the hold harder and mash her boobs into Megaton’s shoulderblades. “But even us supers gotta breathe.”
The brutish woman gurgled and grabbed at her with her big ape hands, but couldn’t get the power or leverage to do a thing beyond pull Powers’ hair. Powers felt her struggle for a few minutes before even her super lungs gave out, going limp and drooling messily over Powers’ arm.
“Gross,” she grunted, standing up and staggering back as police finally dared to approach. “Take em away. She’s harmless, for a while.” She knew about Prometheus Island, the place off the coast where they had special gear to contain all sorts of super villains. It worked great, and it had to, because Powers shuddered to think of the sorts that could get loose if it failed.
“Thank  a lot, Idol,” one of the officers said, and Powers had to blush and smile back. 
“Thanks,” she sighed, starting to walk off before he spoke up.
“Don’t mind me sayin’ so, you’re a real hero, ma’am,” he said with a charming smile. “They all say Major Muscles is a sellout, and Magnum Man’s a nut ball, and Righteous is a good doll but she’s kinda preachy… But you, you’re a real favorite down at the force.”
She was bright red now, shuffling her feet. “Well…. Thanks. That kinda means a lot to me…” Better than Major Muscles? She had to wonder how she stacked up to the other female heroes like Amazonian and She-Beast, but she felt sure he counted them too.
She gave them a proud little salute before walking off, not too quickly in case they had more compliments for her. It was all the same for the cops, because in her mind-numbing soreness and exhaustion, she didn’t notice the tear in her skirt from all the beatings it took, and that the beer-soaked panties were wedged right up her ass crack for all to see as they watched her go.
“Like I says,” the cop smiled and shook his head, tucking that mental photograph away for later. “A real favorite.”

Sonali vs Aarti

2 young college gals , met at a common frds wedding.. both r very damn beautiful n have never met b4… one is sonali.. at the wedding reception… wearin a light blue glitter saree.. blue quater sleeve blouse..silver high heels.. figure must be of 32 26 30.. hair loose.. shoulder length.. brown coloured.. with light blue nail polish.. Other is aarti..wearing orange glitterin saree..orange sleveless blouse..black high heels…figure must be32-26-30..hair tied in choti..black..with orange nail polish sonali is sitting on a chair.. cross legged with pepsi.. she is very tired.. Aarti pass by but sonali’s leg obstructs her…

Aarti:remove ur leg please

Sonali: oh.. i m very tired.. please move from back side or the other side or move this front chair..

Aarti: why dont u get aside instead of disturbing the whole arrangement..besides i am not asking you do some hard work

Sonali: okkkkk.. (moving her leg aside.. giving aarti a glare.. & then drinkin pepsi again..)

Aarti: thanks…and stop glaring please

Sonali: why will i glare at u miss…

Aarti: thats what u were doing dear ..thats why i told u now i dont want to get in any argument

Sonali: aah.. as if i want to get into argument..

Aarti: thats what ur doing..why r u so proudy

Sonali: i aint proudy ok

Aarti: u r ..thats the way u r behaving

Sonali: ok i m.. & u also seem to be quite proudy too

Aarti: i dont behave like that…its u who is compelling me

Sonali: neither do i.. lets cut it out.. why r we arguing.. by the way i m sonali..

Aarti: i m aarti..nice meeting u anyways

Sonali: ha ha u know our meet was not nice..

Aarti: yes…but would be happy if we stayed friends…otherwise..

Sonali: hmmm otherwise… ??

Aarti: u know what i mean…i would rip off ur ugly saree n humiliate uy like anythin!!

Sonali: woww.. thats quite a dhamki.. i m so scared..

Aarti:Good .. u better be..

Sonali:Oh shut up.. u think u r lookin better then me in that saree..? gimme a break!!

Aarti: shut up bitch!!

Sonali: Mind you language slut!!

(both glaring at eachother… )

Aarti: Why dont we settle this girl to girl ???

Sonali: Yeah U R ON!!

Aarti: ok lets book a room at the hotel..lets go there and settle it.. lets see who is the best.. RIGHT NOW!! may the best girl win..

Sonali: yeahh..

(and both start walkin 2gether..)

Sonali: by the way.. nice saree.. how will u feel when it gets torn?

Aarti: High hopes.. its ur saree which will get torned..

Sonali: lets see wht happens in the hotel..

(Both r walkin as if it is a catwalK.. matching step to step..)

(as they enter the hotel room..aarti closes the door and comes in front of sonali standing face to face)

Aarti: what do u have to say now

Sonali: bring it on babes.. i strike u a sexy pose.. (puttin end of saree tightly near navell…)

Sonali:lets fight like older females do.. what say.. our desi style.. kaay boltes(means wht say)

Aarti: i too tie end of pallu near my navel amd stand tit to tit..baghu tuzyat kiti dum ahe(mean lets see how much strength u got)

Sonali: tujya peksha jast g..(means more then u)

(as both start pushin only with tits.. hands on hips..

Sonali: aahhhhhhmmmp

Aarti: uhhhhh…

(both fall on the bed and bearhug each other rolling over each other as thiers tits match

(their legs get entagled.. as they roll..& both fall at the side..)

(both get up n come at centre again )

Aarti: are u scared…give up and i will let u go..( bringing her choti forward)

Sonali: no i m not.. (as she pulls up one side of my saree.. n put her one leg forward.. showin her beautiful sexy leg upto thigh to aarti)

Aarti: hmm good…(*as aarti lifts one end and puts her white thigh against sonali’s)

Sonali: see my thigh is better (as both start pushing with thighs..)

both keep pushing neither getting any advantage both again get back..

Aarti:are u tired bitch?

Sonali: not yet bitch… what about u slut??

Aarti: no bitch (loosening her hair)

(Both r glaring at eachother… & circlin u slowly walkin a catwalk…) (Both r about to leap onto one another when aarti’s dad’s phone comes.. she takes her breath n answers the call.. her dad is callin her home so she has to go..)

Sonali: hey i guess u heard the conversation. so dont feel i m scared… her is my cell no. message me when u r free.. this is not over bitch.. lets decide n finish this someday

Aarti: Yeah.. her is my cell no. slut.. (they glare once more for a final time.. both reaarange their sarees , tie their hair n move out the hotel 2gether.. again walkin , matchin eachothers steps.. & then both go seperate direction… n within 5 minutes both r exchanging messages like bitch, slut, Kutiya, raand)

they r gonna be back!!!!!

Price For A Panty – By Catfight Master

t was about 8 pm in a Bra n Panty shop in London near the airport when a taxi stopped n Divya got out “I will be in time for the flight mother” she said to her mother in the cab and the cab went ahead. Divya ran towards the shop and as a girl was putting the lights off she entered, ‘Please don’t close, I have to catch a flight to India in few hours and have to buy Bra n Panties and trust me its going to be a big bill”, the Indian looking salesgirl smiled ‘ well actually we are closed but it will well over 30minutes before I finish the routine work, so you can go ahead and do the shopping, I will shut the door and after finishing I will let you through the staff exit” divya thanked the salesgirl and went into the spacious shop . Divya knew what she wanted and collecting all the stuff went into the change room area which on entrance was like a small lobby an d and had doors to 3 cubical for changing and one said for Staff Only. All the cubical were locked as the shop was shut and so Divya thought of changing in the common area as it had a door and had full length mirrors and also as it was closing time so no customers would be coming now.

Divya dressed in jeans and shirt took off her clothes and admired herself in the front of the full length mirror. She was 5’5 with bust size 38C lovely round bums and good thighs to go with. She took off her Bra n Panties and started to try a panty . She was only in panty admiring her self when a from one of the cubical a girl came out girl wearing a bra and panty, “OUCH!!!” said the girl and put her hand around her bra trying to cover herself, “OHHH” said divya and covered her naked boobs with her hands “ I’m sorry I thought I was the only customer and so I thought of changing here” said Divya, the girl said “I’m sorry too, I thought there was no one and hence walked out this way”. They both laughed and divya was the first to uncover and gave her hand to the other girl “Divya Khanna from India” “ Shamim Khan from Pakistan” they shook hands, while doing so shamim admired Divya’s boobs and rest of her body and so did Divya as she thought wow what a babe she is around 5’6’’ and boobs bigger than 38C beautiful legs, both girls were beautiful and difficult choice for no 1.

Shamim looked at the pile of bra n panties and said “ Divya are you buying so many of them” Divya laughed and told her travel story. The short conversation made them comfortable and divya started trying various bras in front of shamim while she watched divya ,still wearing the Bra n Panty. “ Mind if I take off my panties in front of you shamim” Shamim laughed “ go ahead divya , you have a fantastic body “ Thanks” said divya as she took off panties and was completely naked while trying other panties. “ Shamim, you have a beautiful body too, what’s the size of your boobs?, asked divya, “ 38C” said shamim. “ Oh , that’s my size shamim but your boobs are oozing out of your bra, are you wearing a smaller bra” shamim laughed and replied “ No, I’m a feeding mother and hence my boobs have become bigger, when normal they will be same as yours”

Divya had by now finished the trial and only one panty which she tried out of rest she kept aside and still stark naked started to go to where her clothes were. “ Are you not buying this golden panty” asked shamim, “Nope, its too glittering, I m buying the rest” was the reply. “ But you did try this panty and you have to buy it now” said shamim. Divya turned around and said ‘I will keep it keep back who will know’ , shamim said “No divya ,you will have to buy this” this annoyed divya and she said “ You mind your own business”. Shamim came towards her “That’s what I m doing, I m the store manager and I will not accept this” Divya was now angry, “ to hell with whatever you are , im buying enough and do not bug me, do whatever you like but im Not Buying”.

Shamim came towards divya who was still naked and said “ we will make you pay for this’ Divya out of anger slapped shamim , she was not taking this either and she slapped her back. In few seconds both were rolling on the carpet holding each others hair and cursing each other ‘ cunt face, slut, bitch ‘ were the exchanges. Divya banged shamim’s head to the ground but being a carpet did not hurt much, divya then got up and kicked shamim on her bum and stood with one leg on her boobs, NOOOOOO was the cry from shamim Divya then just pulled off shamim’s bra and saw that her standing had made milk flow from shamim’s boobs, seeing this divya laughed and said’ bachhe ko doodh pila hain ya phir abhi pura doodh nikal doon? Shamim had tears in her eyes , Divya then tried to pull shamim;s panty but shamim held her panty tight and kicked her. Divya went and hit the wall taking this as an opportunity shamim got to her feet and punched naked divya in her tummy 5-6 times, she then punched her hard on her pussy and pulled her pussy hair ‘Stop it pleaseee!!!’ cried divya. “ Sali, mera doodh nikal kar India lejayegi, aaj ke baad tu India mein bhi bra nahin pehnegi ‘ and then shamim started to torture divya’s boobs. Divya begged for mercy but shamim had none . She said “ Tu bahut der se unsuccessfully meri panty nikal ne ki koshish kar rahi thee chal ab nikal aur mujhe khush kar de” she then lied down on the floor while crying divya had no options but to remove shamims; panty and give her a lick. She licked till shamim came. Shamim then said “ You made me happy babe, do not pay for any bra or panty you buy today and yes keep my panty with you so that you always remember me.

Shamim wore her clothes and so did divya and went out to the other sales girl who knew what was happening inside but kept quite and smiled at shamim, “ her bill to my account ‘ and through the staff exit they went out and sat in the car in the deserted parking lot. “Im so sorry divya, I did not offer you anything to drink but no problems” and then shamim removed her shirt and her bra and said to divya “drink my milk” “no ,please shamim, forgive m e, I cannot drink your milk” said divya “Ok then get ready for the treatment again” Divya had no choice but start to suck her nipples and drink her milk. After few minutes divya said “ there is no more coming shamim, I had it enough” shamim laughed and drove her to the airport. Divya ran to the departure gate and got into the flight. Her mother was worried and told her that she looked horrible. As the flight took off she told her mother the complete story with tears in both their eyes.

Bad introduction to Catfights

I thought I must pen down how I got involved in this thing called female fighting. About 15 years ago I was just married and so was my sis in law, Deepa. She and I were good friends too and quite free with our discussions. Her mother Paro was visiting our home and I was there too. Paro was about 45 , fair and good to look at, very simple and always wore a sari. She was a widow for almost seven years. We were all invited to a ladies coffee party at Maya’s house. 

Maya, a 45 year old lady lived in a large house with servants and was a good friend of my mother in law, call her J. I had been told that J and Maya were deeply into les activities but I never bothered about it as it did not affect me. That day we were having our normal discussions on things women normally discuss when I felt the urge to go to the loo. As I entered the main bedroom I was in for a shock. Maya and Paro were in each other’s arms and Maya had her face deep inside Paro’s neck. Her right hand was fondling Paro’s bosom and her left hand had lifted Paro’s sari and was feeling her thighs. Paro was obviously a willing partner as she was making cooing sounds but she got a shock on seeing me. I immediately closed the door and returned to the sitting room quite shaken. Later, Paro kept avoiding my eyes although once more in the morning I did see J drawing Paro close to her and playfully fondle her cheeks and letting her hands travel over Paro’s bottom.

Deepa, Paro and I left for home by car but once at home Paro did not come to the dining table. Deepa told me that Paro was crying and was very upset. When we enquired from her, Paro told us that Maya had forcefully tried to to perform sex with her and that despite her resistance Maya had not relented. Deepa was furious and completely out of control once she learnt this. I am going to Maya to bring her here to apologise to my mother – she said. No one is going to fool around with my innocent mother and get away like this. I tried to dissuade her and asked her to forget it as it could be a misunderstanding and ladies did not do such things. You will be surprised she told me, I have seen it in school and I beat up two girls who tried being funny with me. Paro herself was quite reluctant to let Deepa go and she told me to go along when she realized that Deepa was adamant. We drove to Maya’s house.

On the way I asked Deepa what she intended to do. I am going ask that bitch to come with us and apologise to Mom or I’ll physically kick her to do that if she refuses. I just kept quite. Deepa was a supremely confident girl, physically quite fit but she was short,5’2” and weighed about 58 kg. We parked the car and I warned Deepa not to let things go out of hand. She smirked and told me she could handle such women. We entered the living room. The place had been cleaned up and Maya was having a bath. She came after five minutes with her hair still wet and open, wearing a sleeveless blouse and sari and genuinely expressed her surprise. Before anything she asked her maid Kamala to make tea but Deepa blurted-we have not come for tea, we have come to take you home. Maya turned and asked what was the reason. You know the reason so why ask me. Maya did not show any sign of worry on her face. We usually called her Maya Aunty since she was herself about 45. She was a widow too but Deepa did not call her Aunty now. Maya smiled. Oh so you are referring to this morning ‘s little episode. Deepa, you have to realise that your mother is still young and good looking so if she has a little fun on the side you should not feel bad, or is it that Paro wants more. She laughed while saying this. Deepa was in a rage. My mother is an innocent simple lady and you have tried to take advantage of her, she said. ‘My my look who is innocent,’ said Maya. Paro was the one who was wanting me to hold her and when I did she simply went crazy. I also enjoyed her of course, she again laughed while saying this. Your mother has a great mouth and her breasts are really firm she stated. I even sucked on her juicy big nipples but we could not go all the way…I am sure she must be wanting me to take her once again. Deepa stood up and I tried to stop her. OK Maya, your time is up, I don’t take silly jokes about my mother, she said. Either you apologise to Mummy or I will make you do it. Suddenly Maya also went serious and I could feel the atmosphere was getting tense. Kamala was standing near the door and watching. She is a big woman and her presence was not pleasing. Maya said sweetly – and Deepa how do you intend to force me. Deepa glared at her. I will beat the hell out of you and drag you there, you bloody lousy whore, said Deepa. Even I was surprised by her ferocity. But Maya remained unfazed. Are you joking Deepa, ladies do not fight. We can ask Paro to come here and explain, I am sure she will tell you the true story. Since I was aware that Paro was not innocent I tried to intercede but Deepa became even angrier. Ok don’t tell me I did not warn you. I won’t spoil your living room but we are going to go out to the courtyard and I’ll show you what stupid bitches get from me when they act so mean. Maya stood still. Are you serious Deepa. Let us talk it over, please cool down. She told Kamala to get the tea quickly but Deepa told Kamala in Hindi “ Agar Chai layegi to apni Memsaheb ko jagane ke liye le aa kyonki isko main ab mar mar ke sulane wali hoon”. Kamala came forward and spoke to Maya – Memsab ye aap ko lalkar rahi hai aur aap chup ho. \She then turned to Deepa and said –“ main aangan saf kar deti hoon, wahin larna magar is hi kapron mein larogi”. Deepa probably had not even thought of it. Kamala said again – “ jaisi bhi larai ho sirf petticoat aur bra mein laro warna sari aur blouse phat jayega. Finally Maya accepted Deepa’s challenge although she kept trying to avoid it saying she could not apologise for something she had not done. Maya started to remove her sari with Kamala’s help who also took off Maya’s blouse. The first sight of Maya was amazing. She stood 5’6”, slim and fit. Her bosom was heavy but firm and her white bra fitted her well. Kamala stepped forward and tore Maya’s petticoat from the side. Maya’s arms should have worried Deepa…they were strongly built and apparently used to physical stuff. It was quite a sight specially as Maya’s open hair gave her a frightening look. Deepa went into the bedroom. While she was preparing Kamala came to me and said “Maya Memsaheb uska achar banadegi, rok do use”. Before I could do anything Deepa came out wearing her black petticoat and black bra with her hair also open . The contrast was huge. Deepa at 5’2” looked a midget but she was well built and her arms showed strength. She was smooth and fair in contrast to Maya’s hairy arms and underarms. We went outside. Kamala asked both the women – “koi rule se larna hai”. At this Deepa said, do you want rules – The only rule I follow is to bash your head against the wall. Maya took the insult. I still do not think we should do this, please Deepa lets sit and discuss. In response Deepa just went at her, fisting Maya near the shoulder and followed it with an attempted slap. Kamala stated to Maya – memsab bahut ho gaya ab aap bhi lar lo. Deepa laughed – ye kya lare gi and proceeded to once again attempt a slap but Maya moved just in time. Then without warning Deepa rushed at Maya and caught her from the front trying to force her down but Maya being taller prevented her from doing that. Deepa instead pushed her to the wall and lifted her off the ground. Maya got her right hand under Deepa’s chin and forced her head up. Deepa stepped back and kicked with her knee. It landed exactly as wished-for, on Maya’s midriff but it did not hurt her enough. Deepa now came into a classic fighting pose waiting for an opening. Realizing that fighting closer would be more advantage she again rushed Maya and got her arms around her. They pushed for a while and it seemed Deepa was stronger. They both stood with arms around each other , a classic sexy sight with their breasts straining against each other. Deepa’s big breasts straining to be released while Maya’s smaller ones well enconsed in her bra. Deepa had not managed to hurt Maya so far although she was clearly getting the better of her. Suddenly Kamala shouted – Memsab ab shuru. As if she was waiting for the signal Maya suddenly burst into action. With her forehead she butted Deepa in the mouth splitting her lip. Deepa left her grip to take her hand to her cut lip . The next instant Maya again used her head, this time on Deepa’s right eyebrow. A sudden flow of blood from both the cut lip and the split eyebrow left Deepa confused and dazed. That is exactly what Maya wanted. Her right fist caught Deepa in the breasts and as she started to fall Maya’s right knee found target on Deepa’s nose. I could not believe the ferocity of Maya’s attack. In 15 seconds she had Deepa on the floor dazed and bleeding from the mouth, nose and cut eyebrow. Giving her no chance to recover she hauled Deepa up by her hair and went beserk with her fists. Deepa had no guard, as she tried to protect her face Maya kicked her breasts. When her hands went to her breasts Maya’s slaps and fists rained on her face and neck. With only her left eye open Deepa tried to recover ground by rushing Maya knowing that her shorter reach would not allow her a fist fight. Maya was simply too fast for her. She always ensured that she was behind Deepa. Then facing each other Maya used the full strength of her right arm to fist Deepa on the cheek. Her head snapped backwards and she fell. Allowing her to fall Maya took her right arm twisted it back and kicked her in the stomach. Deepa doubled over. Not letting go the hand Maya caught the younger woman from behind through the underarms and closed the grip behind her neck. She took her time to catch her breath and kept applying pressure on Deepa’s neck. Bleeding profusely Deepa could not even wipe the blood which was blinding her vision. Without warning Maya twisted and using her right foot for leverage brought Deepa to the floor pushing her head down on the rough brick ground and scraping her face. She did this repeatedly shaking Deepa like a chicken. Finally Deepa screamed in agony as Maya continued applying more pressure. Kamala was laughing and shouting encouragement in filthy language. I am now quite used to this language used when women fight. Deepa struggled but Maya was simply too strong for her. She again lifted her from the floor displaying what she had done to Deepa’s face and not satisfied with the blood she again brought her down. With her right leg she mounted the smaller woman and then left her grip from behind the neck. As Deepa tried to get up Maya’s left hand found her crotch and grabbed the thick wad of black curls which were visible as the petticoat was completely torn. I could not see it but Deepa’s agony ridden scream confirmed that Maya had wrenched her pussy hair and pushed her thumb into the vagina. Lifting her off the floor from the waist in that position Maya brought her knee up to hit Deepa in the pussy. It did not connect and Deepa managed to escape the hold. Standing away Deepa realized she was in for trouble. She tried getting away from the courtyard but Kamala blocked her way. Facing Maya again she tried to fight knowing fully well that she had no chance. But Maya was now in a frenzy, she went after Deepa using her fists, knees and everything. Deepa was cornered against a wall and now almost nude except for her bra . Maya broke the strap of that too and stood back to examine Deepa’s large white breasts. She then used her fists to jam them into the breasts while Deepa struggled to get away. Deepa was now crying and begging for mercy crouching and using her hands in an upraised position to prevent the punishment she was getting. Maya stopped for a few moments and said. Deepa dear you wanted to drag me to your Mummy…come on dear come to aunty and show her how you will do it. Then she shouted to Kamala –“ get me the belt”. Kamala laughed and went inside and got a belt …I had never seen a strap on. This was huge, almost 10 inches. She showed it to Deepa…you will love it dear… come to Aunty. Deepa stood still confused…she too had never seen it. Maya moved like a cat and punched Deepa in the stomach twice forcing her to the floor and then turned her over on her stomach. Jumping to almost two feet in the air she came down on Deepa’s back twice . Deepa was almost unconscious by now bleeding from her mouth. Maya strapped on the dildo and checked that it was secure. She then parted Deepa’s legs and felt her anal cavity. I think I’ll do it without lubrication, love , because yours is the first time, no point letting it slide…it will spoil your fun. Deepa did not know what was happening until Maya mounted her from behind and adjusted the head of the dildo into her anus. Testing it with one to two shallow slow thrusts she elicited no response from Deepa. Then without warning and screaming obscenities she used the power of her pelvis to thrust the dildo down. 10 inches of hard plastic split Deepa’s anus and went deep into her entrails. A slow scream built up from Deepa’s bloodied mouth but Maya blocked it with her palm using it to cover the mouth of the almost deranged woman under her. Deepa tried to buck her hips to escape but the dildo was like a nail inside her. Pushing her victim against the wall and keeping her on the floor Maya withdrew her hips only momentarily and then forced an even deeper push. She allowed Deepa to use the power of her lungs to scream uncontrollably. But Maya had her in the position she wanted and Deepa could do little to escape the agony awaiting her. To me it was shocking and I stood rooted but then I had to do something. I moved forward to try and help Deepa not knowing what really to do but Kamala came and caught my shoulder…She said in Hindi…ek ko mar diya kafi nahin, Memsahib teen chaar ko le leti hai.I stepped back helpless. Seeing Deepa’s face was unnerving and I thought she would die. Maya had still not given up. She was into a sexual madness and was pumping her hips into Deepa’s rear. Each time the Dildo went in Deepa screamed even louder begging Maya to stop. Maya came like a mad woman. She shook all over and her hands squeezed Deepa’s bleeding breasts and pulled her close. She licked and sucked at Deepa’s wounds on the face, from behind the neck. Frankly, it was a hideous sight but I have never watched anything sexier.As the rigours of Maya’s orgasm subsided she fell on top of the exhausted and uncontrollably crying Deepa, clinging to her and continuing to bite and kiss while making slow thrusts inside Deepa’s entrails. Finally Kamala separated her from her victim. I got Deepa away to the bathroom and dressed her wounds as best as I could. I wanted to get her to a doctor immediately but was confused as to what answer I would give. So I finally rang up J. She somehow understood everything quite easily and came in 15 minutes. I expected her to throw a fit but instead she and Maya started a cosy chat in which Maya explained all the graphic details of the fight.Anyway reaching home was a nightmare and Paro went into shock at seeing Deepa. Much followed but need not be recounted as yet. Will give an account of it later.

Amisha & Kareena once again

In an issue of Entertainment Weekly, Amisha stated not once, but twice, that if she and Kareena were to fight to the death that she’d ‘kick her ass.’ When Kareena was told of the article, she was boiling mad.

“What’s the big idea?” she asked Amisha over the phone. “How dare you say that you’d kick my ass.”

“Don’t get upset,” said Amisha.

“Upset!” replied Kareena, storming around the house. “You’ve got some nerve, bitch.”

“Well, it’s true,” said Amisha. “And you better watch who you call a bitch.”

“You get on the phone and call them. I want you to retract that statement,” demanded Kareena.
“I will not,” shouted Amisha.

“Bitch, you better, or else,” threatened Kareena.

“Fuck you! You better cool down, bitch,” replied Amisha.

“Alright, you blond bimbo, you asked for it,” said Kareena slamming down the phone.

Kareena immediately got on the phone with several tabloids, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, People, and a few other celebrity watch publications and told them to all show up at her house a week from Saturday because she and Amisha were going to have a no-holds barred catfight. The news spread like a Mumbai rain. Amisha’s phone and home became bombarded with reporters inquiring about the big fight.

“If that bitch wants a fight, then it’s a fight she’s gonna get,” Amisha told one reporter.

Nearly 300 reporters and friends gathered at Kareena’s on the afternoon of the fight. Rumors of their recent troubles was discussed as the crowd awaited the blonde and brunette to fight. Amisha was flocked by media as she got out of her car. Flashes and bright lights captured her in her sexy cut-off jeans and sleeveless plaid shirt that was tied up under her breast. The tops of her firm orbs looked like ripe melons, and her tan stomach was tone and fit.

When Amisha made her way into the backyard, Kareena came out from the house decked in a white bikini bottom and a skimpy, half t-shirt. There was no formalalities. People had to stand just as if this was a fight happening on any road.

“You blond slut,” said Kareena making her way from her backdoor and through the crowd of people.

Amisha walked towards her briskly. “Let’s go, you fuckin’ cunt,” she said.

Friends and media scrambled to get the best view as the blonde and brunette broke into a sprint for each other. Upon contact, Amisha slapped the shit out of Kareena’s face as Kareena dug her hands inside Amisha’s soft hair.

“Ouch!” cried Amisha as she slapped Kareena again.

The second slap knocked Kareena off balance, and Amisha easily took her to the ground and straddled her back. As Kareena tried to buck her off, Amisha stood up on one knee and then rammed her other knee between Kareena’s parted legs. Kareena dropped spread eagle as Amisha’s knee slammed against her crotch from the backside. Amisha mounted her again and struck her along the side of the face with a punch. This seemed to bring the brunette beauty to her senses, and she quickly bucked Amisha off.

As they jumped to their feet, Kareena’s top rode up above her left breast and Amisha immediately lashed out at it.

“FUCK!” shouted the brunette as she turned her back and clutched the orb that Amisha had scratched.

Amisha kicked her Nike into Kareena’s butt and sent her staggering into the tight circle of witnesses.

Kareena wheeled around only to find Amisha’s hands sinking into her hair.

“Eeeeoouu!!” she cried as Amisha yanked out a clump of hair.

“You sorry slut!” shouted Amisha as she tore out another lump of hair. “Mess with me will you!”
Kareena fought back with a slap that turned Amisha’s head, and then the two of them got busy throwing punches. However, the brunette managed only one landing punch. A blow that put a gash against Amisha’s left cheekbone. Amisha was proving to be the better puncher though. Three times she struck the brunette’s face, busting open her lower lip. She also landed two, hard blows into Kareena’s soft, sexy mid-section.

In order to stop the onslaught, Kareena clinched Amisha up, and the two of them grabbed the back of each other’s hair and pulled. For several seconds Amisha and Kareena kept the other’s face aimed at the sky as their breasts and hips pressed firmly together.

“Bitch!” hissed Amisha as she gave Kareena a good hard slap across the cheek. “UGH!” moaned the blonde as her tan belly absorbed a tight fist.

As their legs tangled, they fell to the grass in a heep of arms, legs, and hair. The crowd moved around them as they rolled from side to side, to side to side, and then back again. Legs locked and unlocked together as the sound of material being ripped could barely be heard.

“Sssshhhiiittt!!” howled Amisha as Kareena’s nails dug into the firm flesh of her tits.

“I’m gonna squeeze all that shit out, bitch,” said Kareena. “Aaaauuggh!!” she cried as Amisha’s hooks found her tender white tits.

The crowd was going wild as the blonde and brunette mauled the daylights out of each other. Amisha and Kareena screamed and cried tears of pain as they relentlessly scratched tits and pulled nipples.

“Damn you, Kareena!” cried Amisha as she rolled on top of the brunette and straddled her waist.
With Amisha’s weight upon her stomach, Kareena knew that she had to do something fast. Her tits were flaming red and throbbing like hell, and although Amisha’s tits looked just as bad, those huge bastards seemed to be able to stand more pain. Doubling up her fist, Kareena cracked it across the blonde’s chin. Amisha’s head spun on her shoulders, but she fought back with a wicked slap, and then a backhand that made Kareena see stars.

“You CUNT!!” shouted Amisha as she stood to one knee, and once again brought the other home against Kareena’s crotch.

With her legs spread wide, Amisha’s knee had an open shot. WHACK!!!

“UUUGGGHHhhh…” moaned Kareena from the depths of her lower region.

With blackness engulfing her, Kareena felt Amisha plop her ass down upon her tender tits. She felt a jarring blow to her jaw, but after that, she had to watch the rest on tape.